Select your membership and become part of the oldest and largest British Chamber in China mainland. Our Chamber provides an invaluable conduit of information, professional expertise and business insights. By joining, you not only gain access to this wealth of resources, but also become an important contributor to it as well.

Please note that non-British foreign entity members cannot run for the Executive Committee, and may not have the same access to events held in conjunction with the UK government.

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    12 months
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    RMB 3,233

    Membership Criteria

    • All British citizens or citizens of other foreign countries
    • Or Chinese citizens with proof of study for one academic year in the UK or working in the UK for at least 9 months
    • In order to be eligible, applicants should not qualify for any other membership categories through their employment or company ownership. For example, if you work for an international or Chinese company which qualifies for the SEM, company or associate company membership, Individual membership is thus not applicable.

    Membership Benefits

    • Access to all in-person and online events at discount prices
    • Access to benefits offered by Chamber's members
    • Access to online Member Directory and full events listings
    • Access to The Paper Trail insights and document archive